VPD Orlando - Vai Pra Disney

Popcorn in Canada


Popcorn – Souvenir Bucket – US$10.00

Popcorn – US$4.25

Popcorn – Bucket Refill – US$1.50
Valid for day of lenght of stay

Pipoca com Balde Souvenir – US$10.00

Pipoca – US$4.25

Pipoca – Refil Balde Souvenir – US$1.50
Válido pela estadia no parque


Labatt Blue Draft – US$8.25

Labatt Blue Draft – Souvenir Mug – US$14.00

Moosehead Draft Beer – US$8.75

Moosehead Draft Beer – Souvenir Mug – US$14.00

La Fin Du Monde Draft – US$10.50

La Fin Du Monde Draft – Souvenir Mug – US$15.25

Ottawa Apple – US$11.50
Crown Royal Maple Whisky, Apple Infusion and Cranberry Juice

Crown Royal Maple Whisky – US$9.00

Chilled Maple Cafe – US$9.50
Joffrey’s “Le Cellier” Blend Coffee with Brown Jug Maple Bourbon Cream Liqueur and topped with ExlPure Maple Cotton Candy

Powerade – US$ 4.25

Dasani® Bottled Water – US$3.00

Chope Labatt Blue – US$8.25

Chope Labatt Blue na Caneca Souvenir – US$14.00

Chope Moosehead – US$8.75

Chope Moosehead na Caneca Souvenir – US$14.00

Chope La Fin Du Monde – US$10.50

Chope La Fin Du Monde na Caneca Souvenir – US$15.25

Bebida Ottawa Apple – US$11.50
Whisky Crown Royal Maple, Infusão de Maçã e Suco de Cranberry

Whisky Crown Royal Maple – US$9.00

Café Gelado com Xarope de Bordo – US$9.50
Café Especial “Le Cellier” Joffrey’s com Licor de Xarope de Bordo e Whisky Bourbon Brown Jug Maple Bourbon Cream com cobertura de Algodão Doce de Xarope de Bordo ExlPure

Bebida Isotônica Powerade – US$ 4.25

Garrafa de Água Dasani – US$3.00